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Optical Distribution Termination Box

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Optical Distribution & Termination Box

Optical termination panel box is designed to distribute subscribers' lines effectively via optical splitters.
The high impact and light-weight plastic box enables field installers to connect drop cables easy and efficiently.
Inner space of the box is utilized maximally using hinged panel tray.


Simply and clearly arranged incoming and outgoing cable management Engineered fiber routing protects bending radius throughout the unit to ensure signal integrity.
Enough work space for efficient splicing or adaptor patching Convenient access for installation, maintenance and subsequent termination

│Product Range│

Fiber capacity
Up to 36 Core splicing or connector patching capacity
Outdoor or Indoor or Indoor / Outdoor application
Plastic(ABS) or Metal(Aluminum, Steel)
Distribution cable connection
Adaptor / Connector Patching or Splicing Patching
Optical splitter mountable type is available
1 X 4 to 1 X 32
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